Meme review: I am once again asking


A prime example of this meme in action.

Sean Cunningham, Features Editor

Unfortunately, after a strong start to 2020 last month, the current meme scene has grown a bit dry. After the crazes of WW3, Coronavirus and Trump being in a peach, February didn’t bring nearly as much content for us to meme. However, it seems that there is a topic that will end this slump-the Democratic primary elections. As a presidential election year, Donald Trump will be running for his second term against one of the current Democratic nominees, who will soon be determined through this primary election. One of the Democratic frontrunners, Vermont senator Bernie Sanders, has been taking to the media in order to sway grass-roots voters in his favor, and has been sufficiently memed for it all.


On December 30th of 2019, Sanders posted an informal video detailing his plans to win the primary and beat Trump, and within this video he called out for funding from his base with an iconic quote “I am once again asking for your financial support.” This quote has been heavily memed by replacing the last section (the words directly after the world asking) of the sentence with a myriad of different phrases, from “to get up and pee” to “will you be my Valentine” and many other amusing comments that now seem to be made by senator Bernie Sanders. A classic text replacement meme format that still earns +300 meme points for being so culturally relevant despite the old school setup. Garners another +200 meme points for being something other than a Trump meme, spicing up the presidential meme catalog, and yet another +250 meme points for overall entertainment value. Rounding out at 750 meme points, Bernie’s “I am once again asking…” is a respectable edition to the 2020 meme pool.