Product review: backpacks


Any strong-willed person can utilize the abilities of the backpack in a myriad of different ways.

Sean Cunningham, Features Editor

Today’s product review will be a very interesting one for the student body, one that we can all learn from and relate to. Along the tiresome and seemingly endless journey of school, many things change-From schools themselves to the friends and teachers you are surrounded by and even the curriculum you are being taught. Through all this, however, one thing remains the same: the presence of a backpack to be slung over your shoulders.


The backpack was invented much more recently than many of my generation would assume, first being made in its currently known internal frame form by Greg Lowe in 1967. They quickly became a staple in American & global education systems that sent kids away from home and required that they carry around an array of books, binders, and papers from class to class. The overall design of the backpack has stayed true since then, although certain companies have expanded on its abilities and capacity through design. Backpacks can be found in sizes as small as a lunchbox to as large as a small suitcase. Backpacks have also been made in more fashionable styles that are able to blend into outfits more fluidly rather than sticking out in appearance and build. Just like all products, their longevity is largely based on how the user handles it, and certain models are made much more durable than others for this reason. One more aspect of the backpack worthy of being touched on is its main downside, being the fact that they can be quite heavy when filled. Most versions have developed special cushioning on and within the shoulder straps so that this weight is more easily handled, but this issue has not yet been completely resolved and holds the product back from being as valuable as it could be.


In all, the backpack is a tried and true staple of student and general nomadic life. Our human hands can only carry so much, so the ability to sling around a sizable extra bit of luggage on one’s back has become an almost mandatory one in many situations, one that the backpack fulfills with flying colors. Strong 9/10.