Product review: socks


These socks mix classic form with stylish colors.

Sean Cunningham, Features Editor

After covering the infamous shoes, it is only natural that I move on to the sidekick of this product, the sock. Welcome to Product Review; my name is Sean and I come here every once in a while to review some of the hottest products on the market right now-from trendy picks to classic choices. Today’s review will cover the sock, as well as the many forms it can come in.

Socks have been a staple in footwear for quite a while now. Their use stems back all the way back to before the common era, and they have secured a spot as a clothing necessity in modern civilization. Socks are most commonly seen in conjunction with a pair of shoes, but the products themselves are made completely separately and can certainly be used as such. Socks themselves serve the purpose of protecting one’s feet from any elements the world may throw at it, although the sock focuses more on fine details than being an overall blockade like the shoe. Socks won’t help a hiker scale a treacherous terrain, but they certainly will help a dancer not dirty up a clean floor (if they are enough of a liability to forget their dance shoes). Also, socks are important in helping ease the contact between shoes and feet, which is why these two products are so frequently used. Socks can fit many sizes and types, from the classic cut to a long style for boots and such, and even an extra small cut that is considered “no-show” and that fulfills stylistic purposes. Socks are quite versatile, but all achieve their main goal of alleviating discomfort for shoe wearers very well.

Overall, socks serve as a timeless piece of clothing and footwear. They do their job well, and that’s all you could possibly ask for out of a staple product such as this. Easy 8/10.