Is there morality in the legal system?

Connor Buffa, Staff Writer

The answer is no.

There was maybe a bit when the foundation was laid down, when it was started. But the system has always held corruption and has always held prominence in supremacy. The legal system has proved time and time again its need for reform- but it shows no improvement even with time. I’d like to highlight victims of injustice through this article.


Cyntoia Brown.

Say her name. She has served 15 years in a Tennessee jail for killing the man trafficking her. She was 16- she is now 31. She was tried as an adult and charge with first degree murder.


Cyntoia Brown is an example of a failure from the legal system in our nation. She was being held against her own will, and she is locked away to more aggression and hell.


Ryan Twyman.


He was being investigated by police. But he was unarmed.

“Ryan Twyman was unarmed inside a parked car when two Los Angeles sheriff deputies approached and fired 34 rounds.”

He had a future, he had a child. 34 rounds into an unarmed man.



Bettie Jones


Bettie wasn’t even involved. She was unarmed and the downstairs neighbor. She was accidentally killed. For no reason she had her life taken. When her upstairs neighbor had legal issues, not her.



Unarmed individuals are being gunned down and people are being brushed off when expressing concern for this epidemic. Nobody should fear that the courts will work against them to prove them a criminal for things like their skin color, or their background or anything besides facts.


People are being denied help by the courts because they are not the ideal victim- because they are marginalized. I believe it’s time to place reform in our legality systems. For the greater good, for the safety of our neighbors.