Online school stinks

It seemed like a good idea until Teams rebelled.

It seemed like a good idea until Teams rebelled.

Calena Lopez, Staff Writer

Now don’t get me wrong, when I heard that we all would be participating in this whole online school thing I was excited, but when it began I realized how much of a nightmare it would be for the students and the teachers. I was thinking about how easy everything would be, especially the attendance, but that’s honestly the worst part of it. My teachers upload their attendance assignments at different times and considering everyone is using Teams, when I try to upload an assignment for my attendance it fails because every student is attacking the software right now.

Let’s not even get started on how some of the students are acting in my classes; they believe since we’re going through a pandemic and transferred to online school they can act like straight-up savages. The number of students that have been muted in my fourth period alone is completely astonishing. This makes the situation worst for the teachers when it comes to dealing with the class clowns because it just makes them harder to control unless they mute them.

Now this is just a personal opinion but I think the software is just a mess right now, my assignments are scattered everywhere and there isn’t a way to filter them besides hitting the button the shows me the ones I haven’t read yet, meaning I’ll just have to keep switching back and forth to figure out which assignments need to get done first. Also, not to mention that some of my teachers are going overboard with the things they are assigning right now. I understand that no matter what we have to get work done, because after all, this is still school, but I seriously have to do a project at home with little instructions from one of my teachers that involves me having to go out and buy supplies which isn’t what anyone should be doing for some project in times like these where a serious virus is spreading, and it’s just adding unnecessary stress on me and the other students I’ve talked to that are in that class. Online school is just one BIG hassle.