Me and You


Everybody needs somebody.

Maria Sanchez-Cabezudo, Staff Writer

Found myself walking down a path, the path of life. It started with a small idea, and every goal that I made became another goal. Same as meeting you. Meeting you made a very specific kind of goal start in my life, the goal of being a better person every day. Leaving behind all traumas from the past concentrating on making both of us happy every day of our lives. It is funny how whenever you most need something it spontaneously comes into our lives, maybe without knowing that we needed it. But we realize how much we needed it, and how amazing it is when it comes without us asking for it. You came into my life when I still did not know what you were going to be, you came in as every other person. But you made it all different, you waited silently by my side until I started falling for you, you stayed by my side every day and every night knowing what we were, but not telling me. You respected me as a human being, and you allowed me to see by myself what we are. You allowed me to realize with my own eyes and soul what it is to find that person. The person you look into the eyes but you do not feel butterflies, you feel life. Life together. Long time life. We tend to love people that are complicated as teenagers, and to be honest I do not find it as anything bad, we all do errors and we learn from them. Now, the good thing is when you learn from errors because a good motive made you realize the good from the bad. And there is nothing better than learning something by a good experience.

In these moments where we have all that we want and need, the time where we want to be our best selves comes. And having a reason to be the best that you can every day is one of the most basic things in life. In my opinion people that do not have any reason to be the best form of themselves are lost people, and we have all been lost a period of time in our lives. We need reasons to keep trying hard every day for mental health, and it does not have to be a boyfriend or a girlfriend, we can do it for our family, or a friend and the most important reason of all is when we do it because we love ourselves, when