What is life?


This has replaced going to the classroom every day.

Brock Maloy, Ads Manager

We students are in a position that is unprecedented.  Never in America has the economy been shut down the way it is now. Never has school been abruptly shut down indefinitely like this. And what a time to be alive for it. Second semester, senior year for many kids, a time where you are finally able to relax and have fun with your friends before we all part our separate ways, for good for some. Many kids will be going to out-of-state schools, groups of friends are separated. School has now been rendered to an app; what a time. This could be the tipping point where after thousands of years, the classroom is outdated. Sure, that may be sad to consider but you can’t argue with the efficiency of the idea.

The world is changing quickly, and sports, the heart of America, have now suspended their play across all sports in America. No more NASCAR, no more baseball; its all put on hold. The worst of all, Mrs. Barbieri, the strapping leader of the Talon will not be able to giver her farewell speech this year. I feel deeply sorry for her in this instance. However, while times are tough, Mrs. Barbieri is relentless, and I will put my life savings on it that she can keep it afloat. Now football is nearing and an on time start to the NFL regular season is in jeopardy. It’s going to be interesting to see what the TV ratings will be like if football is on at the same time as maybe hockey. The MLB is working with the feds on a deal to start in May and have all the games played in Arizona with no fans in attendance. Either way we are all doing what is supposedly right for our country and to keep our elderly safe. We are all learning new ways to engage with our peers and work in online class rooms. However, it can be difficult sometimes with system failures like grades and assignments not showing. Teachers as well have made an excellent effort to change everything they once knew and convert to all online.  We should all make an effort to practice social distancing and keep others safe.