Canadian chronicles

Look at that natural beauty, a must see.

Look at that natural beauty, a must see.

Claire Maloney, Web Editor

I often speak on the atrocity known as Canada, but I don’t give it enough credit for the beautiful landscapes and breathtaking towns and views that reside in the country. I may disagree with just about everything Canadian, but the physical aspect of the country is truly extraordinary, and I would be the world’s worst journalist if I didn’t share both the good and bad sides of Canada. So, it’s only fitting that I present to you the most astonishing areas you’ll ever lay your eyes upon, starting with my personal favorite, Banff.


Banff, Alberta

Banff is the most beautiful destination in all of Canada. From crystal clear lakes to cool breezes to Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise, there is no shortage on beautiful places to rest your eyes on. There is lots to do in the area no matter what time of year you visit. In the winter you can skate on Lake Louise, Ski in the mountains, take a dip in the hot springs and year-round you can enjoy food from the amazing restaurants in town. During the summer getting some locally made salt-water taffy is an absolute must along with hiking the plentiful trails Banff has to offer, visit Bow Falls, and even go on one of the many horseback trails you can be a part of. Banff has a lot to offer and is one of the best vacation spots out there, it may not have white sand beaches, but it can give any tropical place a run for its money.

Prince Edward Island

The prettiest of all the maritime provinces, Prince Edward Island, is a great place to go visit if you love the ocean. It has rich history and you can even visit the place that Anne of Green Gables is based on. It will take a while to get there, between 9-11 hours to be exact, and almost all the flights there are connecting, but once you’re there it is totally worth it. Lots of fishing towns in the Maritimes just means amazing seafood to enjoy and refreshing beaches to enjoy. Prince Edward Island, commonly referred to as PEI, is a really cute and fun town to visit to immerse yourself in local activities and if you go, it’s a must that you fish at least once.


One of the many beautiful beaches in PEI.
The nicest hotel in all of Canada, Chateau Frontenac

Quebec City, Quebec

Quebec City has a whole lot of history in it, there are citadels to tour, chateaus to visit, old areas to explore, sugar shacks to eat at and so much more. There is so much to do in Quebec City it will definitely take more than one visit to do it all. If you go outside the city you can go whale watching at certain times of the year. There is so many fun things for tourists to enjoy while in Quebec City but no matter what, you HAVE to visit a sugar shack, they sell all sorts of maple products and some even show the process on how they’re made, a staple in Canadian culture. Be sure to visit Chateau Frontenac, one of the most famous hotels in Canada. It’s beautiful architecture and incredible history makes it a great place for tourists to stop for a visit.


Overall, I may have hated living in Canada but there truly are some overlooked gems everyone should visit at some point in their lives. There is so many fun and history rich places to roam around and explore; this article barely even begins to scratch the surface. I highly recommend reconsidering your beach vacation and swap it out for something that can be way more fun than you ever imagined. Just whatever you do, don’t waste your time visiting Toronto; it’s boring and expensinve.