My favorite number: the thrilling conclusion to the trilogy

The number nine standing alone in all its glory,

The number nine standing alone in all its glory,

Sean Cunningham, Features Editor

These are truly tragic times. Amidst the utter insanity being caused by this pandemic, it is easy to assume that I am personally being affected most by the rising infection count and absolute lockdown that is a result of the virus. However, anyone simple-minded enough to assume such blasphemy is certainly not up to date on the past two years’ worth of Talon articles I have worked hard on producing all in anticipation for the final paper, which has most likely been ruled out. I was looking forward to this paper for many reasons, but the one reason that really stings, keeps me up at night, haunts my dreams, is the penultimate article I was going to submit for publishing-the long awaited conclusion to the trilogy of Sean Cunningham’s favorites, my favorite number.

However, we must stay positive and hopeful! If this article ever sees the light of day, I would like the billions of story-hungry fans to know that I have never forgotten about you all, and that this article is my legacy. The conclusion that you all deserve, to the trilogy that had gotten as many positive comments as any solo article I had written yet in my career. My very favorite number-the sole nugget of information that has been keeping the entire universe on the edge of its chairs in anticipation-is none other than the number nine. There you have it! The number nine has held a special place in my soul for as long as I can remember, As something about it just screams “this is who I am.” Nine is the highest single-digit number in terms of value, and this quality is a quite admirable one in my opinion. Each jump from one set of any set of digits to the next is preceded directly by the presence of a nine, almost as if it serves the role of a faithful gatekeeper guiding numbers into the great beyond. There is a certain sensation that occurs in any aspect of life when you reach that nine, a feeling of great determination as you restlessly search for what will follow. This sensation is unarguably present in our lives, and it is all possible thanks to nine. I guarantee you right now that whoever is reading these words, you yourself have experienced the sensation of reaching the number nine in a similar fashion to which I just described, and even if you had never thought of that sensation as an isolated thought itself, you know exactly what I am referring to. Whether it was your 9th day straight on a new diet, 9th rep in a workout set of 10, 9th new quality clothing item you have added to your wardrobe, or any other 9th occurrence for that matter, we have all felt the passion, determination, and anticipation that comes along with the number nine. This feeling is one that has grabbed hold of me, a person who wishes to live their life constantly pushing to move forward and explore new realms of possibilities, all of which simply cannot be achieved without the great affinity I have for the number nine.

And there you all have it-the epic conclusion to the Trilogy of my favorites. Every single decision I have made over the entirety of my life has led me to proclaim the following: My favorite shape is the trapezoid, my favorite color is sky blue, and my favorite number is nine. These truths are ones that are uniquely my own; I urge you all reading to take some time to explore the depths of your minds in order to find answers to these great questions as well.