Meme review 2020: Yankee with no brim


Here we see the infamous Yankee cap in its trendy, brimless style.

Sean Cunningham, Features Editor

Well, well, well. As April has just come to a close, I figure it is about time for the classic meme review installment to make its return, especially due to the fact that memes have had something of a resurgence as of recently. Ever since quarantine life became the norm, I guess people no longer have anything to do with their time and have resorted to their primitive ways, the good old days of 2016-2018 when memes were at their peak. Today’s meme is one that has really led this newfound trend-the great Yankee with no brim.

Yankee with no brim is a meme for the simple-minded, in the greatest way possible: It is simply a Yankee cap with no brim. That’s it. That’s the meme. Despite how simple it is, A video of a man reacting to this brimless cap in a surprised and ecstatic fashion went viral towards the very end of March, as this whole quarantine mess was just beginning. The Person who was wearing the cap had simply cut the brim straight off, and this brought forth an absolute frenzy. Ever since, the entire nation has been slashing off the brims of their Yankee caps, all for the elusive “Yankee with no brim” look. I give this meme +300 meme points for having a real-world influence of that nature, as well as +325 meme points for leading this new (and hopefully not brief) age of quarantine memes, and a solid +250 meme points for entertainment value. Rounding out at an impressive 875 meme points, Yankee with no brim has been an absolutely welcome change in pace within the meme community, certainly in the right direction.