Quarantine closet

An inside look on how my outfits have evolved since quarantine.



This outfit is a classic, cute but also trendy! A go to outfit for me on a normal day.

Lauren McCloy, Staff Writer

As a pre-quarantined, pre-corona, 10th grader – my style consisted of a big tee shirt I found in my dad’s closet and some Nike shorts.  I was what was known as a “VSCO girl.”  But as quarantine went on, and my bank account slowly went broke- my closet filled. With not only one style but three! (My mom always jokes that I’m a new person every day.) In the most generic grouping and not even my own, I’ve been told I have a hippie, alt, indie, mix of clothing sitting in my closet. So, what does that even mean?


Hippie was my first stop on my quarantined makeover. First thing I bought brown ankle boots and a beautiful dress with bell bottom sleeves- I loved this outfit and wanted more like it. And that was just the beginning. I now have a closet filled with bell bottom pants, some belts that make that “cowgirl” type statement, some mushroom jewelry, tie-dye everything, and the list goes on and on. But soon I decided to branch out from those small little boho shops around town.


That branching out took me to quite literally every. single. thrift. store. (in a 2-hour distance of course.) I started trying to be an “indie” girl. With big pants and small shirt fits, small pants and a big shirt, small pants and a small shirt, and big pants and a big shirt. Those were the everyday fits- mixing those up with different items in my closet and new things I would find at the local Goodwill. Being that “indie” girl is bucket hats, evil eye necklaces, bandanas, etc. Not far off from hippie, and not far off from alt.


Alt is my recent and favorite. Fishnet tights, docs, and Mary Jane shoes. Black, purple, green, pink. It is almost indescribable. But I just spent my whole paycheck trying to adjust my closet to it!


People change, styles change- I know over quarantine I’ve become a completely different person than who I was. I dyed my hair, got a nose piercing, and I can change my style every day! But nonetheless, I grew into my skin and finally went like I was who I wanted to be.