The struggles of online learning

It's easy to get distracted during online learning.

It’s easy to get distracted during online learning.

Iliana Patterson, Staff Writer

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, a lot of students have switched to online learning for the first nine weeks of school. This is a huge adjustment for students as most students have never taken all of their classes online before.

While school administration has come up with a better method for doing online classes, it is still somewhat difficult to navigate. Most teachers use Canvas to upload their assignments and other work, while other teachers use different websites making it difficult to know where and when to turn in your assignments. Though teachers are stull new to this as well, making it even more difficult to accommodate online classes, but the more and more we use Canvas and Microsoft Teams, the more we understand how to use it. One of the main issues there seems to be is that some teachers who don’t like Canvas or know how to use it use other resources for their assignments, making online learning much more confusing and time consuming as it takes time out of class for the teachers to explain how to get to all of these resources.

Another huge issue with online learning is staying engaged during classes. Its so easy to just go on your phone in the middle of class instead of paying attention, which causes a lot of students to fall behind. Some teachers have tried to combat this by making students turn their cameras on, but this upsets a lot of students and they are usually still able to find ways not to pay attention. The best way I have been able to stay engaged during class time is finding a quiet place with few distractions where I can work. I also find it helpful to keep my phone and other distractions out of reach while in class.