Cats deserve love


My kitty, Cheddar, loves sunbathing.

Taylor Thompson, Staff Writer

Cats get too much hate. The little cuddly balls of fur are all full of love. While cats can be mean on occasion, they are more often than not very sweet, as long as they have the right owners. The little feline friends, more often than not, are huge attention seekers. They will rub on their owners’ legs just so that they’ll pet them. Sometimes though, cats only want attention when they’re in the mood, but when they’re not, watch out. Cats can be quite feisty. Their sharp claws and teeth can leave a nasty scratch. But, they’re adorable, cuddle-loving, sweethearts, most of the time.

I have three cats of my own. One of which was not my favorite growing up; his name is Shadow. We got him when I was four, and he would chase me around our house and bite me and scratch me. However, when he grew up and was no longer a kitten, he grew to be very docile and now sleeps in my bed and doesn’t bite anyone. My second cat, Lily, lives outside (she wasn’t originally ours and hates our dogs); she is pretty much the cat of the street. While she is shy towards people she doesn’t know and is known to scratch when she’s not in the mood, with my family she is the sweetest thing I’ve ever met. Tonight, when I pulled into my driveway, she immediately ran to my car to greet me before I even opened the door. She loves being petted (when she wants) and is the sweetest cat ever. Third is my personal cat, Cheddar. We got him two years ago almost, and he was given to me as a Christmas present. He doesn’t even act like a normal cat. He has never scratched nor bit a single person. He is very shy towards new people but warms up fast. He sleeps in between our legs like a dog or, one of his favorite places to lay is my neck. He will constantly come up and lay in my lap when I’m sitting at my desk or on the couch. He’s sweeter than either one on my dogs.

As someone who owns both dogs and cats and doesn’t really have a preference on which is better, I think cats generally get a bad reputation. People assume them to be cold and heartless, but they are some of the sweetest beings I’ve ever encountered.