Is Trump really okay?


Trump, already taking off his mask after his return to the White House.

Taylor Thompson, Staff Writer

As pretty much every American knows, our president Donald Trump was diagnosed with Covid-19 on Friday, October 2nd, and announced this via Twitter that same day. This comes after him completely downplaying this disease for pretty much the entirety of the pandemic. He has made numerous claims that show he does not believe in wearing masks. So, it is to no one’s surprise that he has contracted the virus, seeing that he hosted many in-person events in the past few weeks where it was clear that masks were not being worn, at least not by everyone.

While Trump’s physician has said that he is doing very well, as has the president himself, there are some aspects to his illness that seem slightly off. Before coming home, his physician, Sean Conley, seemed quite reluctant to share that the president had been put on oxygen. While a couple of days later, he did make the statement that on that Friday, Trump had been on oxygen and that everything was okay, it just seems slightly strange. The physician had no reason to withhold such truth other than to make the president seem more resilient than he is. And if he was to withhold that, who knows what else he was kept from the press about his illness. Surely, the severity has been downplayed, as the capital wouldn’t want the people of America and other countries to think he is doing poorly. However, being the president, he does have the best care possible and many people with the goal of his survival. He will probably be alright at the end of this.

However, when coming home to the White House, he did not look to be “feeling great,” like he said it was in a tweet on October 6th. He looked to be severely out of breath and quite uncomfortable. While this is predicted giving the nature of the disease, his physician said when he returned home that the president was symptom free. Even if these officials are lying about his health, he will most likely come out of this on top. However, he was planning on attending the debate on October 15th, which is very soon after the diagnosis, and now says he refuses to participate in a virtual debate. It shows that even though he has seen the harshness of the virus, he is still probably going to be just as cautious as he was before: almost not at all.