Not another dystopia?!

A struggle to survive

Here is the Party’s slogan, as well as the poster of Big Brother, that is seen almost everywhere (or at least mentioned) in the book.

Here is the Party’s slogan, as well as the poster of Big Brother, that is seen almost everywhere (or at least mentioned) in the book.

Sarah Thompson, Staff Writer

The book 1984 by George Orwell, is a masterpiece of a book, one that has been very controversial around the world, and has even been banned in a few places such as Russia and Jackson County, Florida.


The book takes place in a dystopia called Oceania, where a power called the Party is in control and has brainwashed almost all the citizens into obedience, where they all love Big Brother (the non-existent leader of the Party) and the Party. The normal everyday citizens are called proles, and there are people known as Party members and outer party members, which our main character just so happens to be. He’s an older man in his upper 30’s named Winston Smith, and remembers life before the Party took over, though he only remembers a bit. He knows that there is something called the Brotherhood, which is the rebellion against the party, but he doesn’t know where to start in finding or joining them.


Winston struggles throughout the book looking for any clues about the Party or the Brotherhood. Soon he meets O’Brien, a man a few years older than him, and a member of the Party. But Winston realizes there’s a look in his eye which has the sparks of rebellion, and even his voice reminds him of a voice in dream he had long again, a dream of rebellion. Winston faces many trials while searching for the Brotherhood, but you’ll have to read to the end to learn if his search is successful or not. Winston also has a hard time in his ventures since there is constant 24/7 surveillance in every home, and bugs (concealed miniature microphones in a room or telephone in order to monitor or record someone’s conversations) everywhere. So he can never relax even in his own home or even just randomly on the street since he and everyone else is always being watched by the Party.


I would rate this book a 9/10 because it really manages to grab the reader’s attention and has multiple different plot twists throughout the entire book. The way that it is written also makes you really empathize with Winston and see how he struggles to survive. Alan Motsinger, a junior, stated, “1984 is a great book; I loved the character development and how it kept me wondering who was really trustworthy even until the very end.” I really loved the way they used the concept known as doublethink throughout the entire book, too, since some books will mention something once and never go back to it again, while this one manages to bring out all the boring details skipped over in the beginning to be an important part of the story. Although there are a few moments that were hard to read, and lost the attention span of the reader, overall it was an amazing book to read.