Restaurant review: Lucky Lobster


A New England style lobster roll and their hand cut fries.

Taylor Thompson, Staff Writer

This weekend, my family and I went to a restaurant called the Lucky Lobster. This restaurant, which is based in Dunedin, Florida is pretty good. As someone who has been going to Maine every year basically since I was born, I’ve decided it’s within my power to review this restaurant. But I’m not going to start with the food. The overall aesthetic of the restaurant is very nice. From the inside portion to the outside, it is decorated very nicely and has a good atmosphere. Most of the restaurant is outside, and it just so happened we went on a day where it rained. There are electric screens that went down right before it rained that had plastic as to let in a lot of light even when they’re shut. There was someone performing live, and they were good, and it wasn’t too loud like it can be at some restaurants. However, they did seem to be a little understaffed at the time we went. I only really saw three servers there and they were both waiting on the many tables as well as running food and what looked to be seating people. Regardless of this, our server still did a good job with the pacing and checking in on us. So overall, the atmosphere of the restaurant was very pleasant (also their hand sanitizer smelled really good).

Now for the good part: the food. We started with chicken quesadillas as an appetizer, which was very good. They were bursting with flavor and came with many toppings, including a guacamole that was pretty good. However, the appetizer is not the most exciting part. Since my dad is from Maine, I’ve been going up there my whole life, and in turn, eating Maine lobster my whole life. In my 17 years of living I have never found lobster that even compares to that which is obtained in Maine. At the Lucky Lobster, I got a lobster roll. I get my lobster rolls Connecticut style, which is pretty much just lobster in butter on a bun. While, it wasn’t quite as good as something from Maine (partly because the bread down here isn’t as good), it was very good and definitely is in the running for some of the better lobster I’ve had in Florida. I’m always hesitant to get lobster down here because it’s never quite as good, however this was pretty tasty. Overall, I would definitely recommend going to eat there, especially if you’re not used to New England lobster, it is definitely worth a try.