Which restaurant has the iced coffee I would spend my money on?


So many choices for cold caffeination.

Kara Piehl, Staff Writer

If you know me outside of this article, you know that I am addicted to iced coffee, and this is a serious addiction. Just about every morning, I pull through a drive-thru that of course, offers coffee. I think I might need to start a separate bank account just for coffee money. I decided why not take this addiction to a new level. I decided to go to four different restaurants and try their iced coffee to see which one would be the best.


The first place I went was McDonald’s. I’ve only gotten coffee from here twice, and both times it was good for my tasting. I ordered a large vanilla iced coffee with only cream. My total was $2.67, which isn’t bad at all for 32 oz of coffee. I took the first sip and it was a little bitter. The more I drank it, the more I got used to the vanilla flavor. Overall it wasn’t bad, and I would order it again.


Next place I went was Wendy’s. When Wendy’s first started selling breakfast, I thought it was a great idea. I have yet to even try anything on their breakfast menu. I ordered a small vanilla Frostychino. The Frostychino consists of cold brew coffee and then the sweetener of your choice, either chocolate or vanilla. My total for a 20 oz drink was $2.32. Taking the first sip of the drink, it lacked a lot of flavor. As I kept drinking it, I felt that it was starting to get bitter. Overall, I would not spend my money on this coffee.


Next place I went was Dunkin. I am from Massachusetts, so I have been having their coffee since I could remember. I ordered my usual, a large vanilla iced coffee with almond milk. My total was $2.99 for 40 oz of coffee. I put my straw in and started sipping. The perfect balance of sweetness and a smooth coffee taste. Overall, I come here very often, and I enjoy it.


The last place is Starbucks. Starbucks is the closest to my house, so I am there pretty often as well. I ordered a Venti iced coffee with cream and vanilla. My total came to $4.61 which is definitely on the pricier side for a 20 oz coffee. When I first started drinking the coffee, it definitely had a burnt taste to it, but I started drinking it more and the vanilla flavor definitely kicked in. Overall, I would order this again, but it isn’t my favorite.


Now it’s the time you have been waiting for, how will I rank these coffees? Well here it is

  1. Dunkin
  2. McDonald’s
  3. Starbucks
  4. Wendy’s


Are you surprised? I personally thought all four were pretty good. Any way to get caffeine, but I do like something a little cheaper and that’s why McDonald’s beat our Starbucks. I could never replace Dunkin though. What’s your favorite coffee?