Back to school, again?


With so many students coming back to school we can only hope they don’t bring COVID with them.

Jacob Reiter, Staff Writer

Marking the start of the 2nd quarter students were given the option to move from online school to attending physical classes and vice versa. With this recent change one wonders if the cases of COVID at East Lake will remain few and far between.


I would assume that the rationale of students of attending online classes is that the schools aren’t doing enough to address the problem; this, however, is untrue from my perspective. East Lake is requiring students to wear masks, having teachers wipe down desks between classes, seating charts for all classes, moving lunch to the end of the day to encourage students to leave early, and other preventive measures. As for the confirmed cases at East Lake, from what I’ve seen many of the students infected either are on a sports team or are people who don’t wear their masks properly or don’t social distance and generally don’t care about the virus. Additionally, a large number of students have decided to leave online classes in favor of in-person classes, meaning that many of the students who returned likely agree with my sentiment. From my point of view the presence of COVID isn’t felt as much at East Lake as it is in other places; unless a group of students are quarantined nobody really talks about it. Some of the things that the returning students can do to stay safe is to avoid large groups of people, and as much as I would assume that part of the reason that some people came back is to be with their friends it likely isn’t worth going to large groups of people. Another thing that I personally do is instead of opening doors yourself, you wait behind someone else who you know will open the door so you minimize contact with infected surfaces.