The greatest animals on the planet: flightless birds


Three penguins model for this lovely picture.

William Himelhoch, Staff Writer

There is no competition to the greatest animals on the planet when penguins are in the running. The cute and funny creatures easily take the number one spot on any list. These animals have been featured in plenty of movies such as Penguins of Madagascar, Mr. Popper’s Penguins, Surf’s Up or Happy Feet. The furry, flightless birds have waddled their way to the number one spot of greatest animals alive.

How could someone not love penguins? They live in cold and hot climates and have so many different species that there is a penguin for everyone. There are tall penguins such as the Emperor Penguins, Macaroni Penguins who have crazy yellow eyebrows, tiny little penguins literally termed Little Penguins, and African Penguins who seemingly wear tuxedos. With such a wide variety of penguins, there is one for everyone.

Penguins also have the cutest babies. Little furballs of tiny waddlers that nestle in the underbelly of their parents. These babies could melt any sane person’s heart in an instant. Watching them have fun and play and fall over in the snow is a true wonder of the world. The babies are covered in blubber and lots of fur to keep them warm in the snow. As for penguins in hotter climates, they have brown fur and less blubber because of the difference in climate.

The love life of penguins is also something that distinguishes them from other animals. The birds spend their entire lives searching for a stone that they can use to “propose” to their significant other. Male penguins are very gentleman-like and adhere to most of the difficult tasks so the females can relax. Once penguins find their love, they mate and both parents help to take care of the chick. This loving nature of Penguins is also what makes them the greatest animals in the world.

It is no wonder why so many movies and documentary shows are based upon these cute birds. Penguins have always found themselves on the big screens and at the center of attention. The movies listed above are just some of the more popular ones and do not even include any nature documentaries. Penguins are also big stars at zoos and wildlife facilities where they rescue and nurture animals in need.

Penguins are always ready for classy events with their black ties and tuxedos. Penguins lack of fear of humans also distinguish them from many other animals on the planet. They will waddle right up to you and not run away if you approach them. They are also very clumsy animals adding to their cuteness factor.

With such a wide repertoire of abilities and cuteness, penguins are no doubt, the cutest and greatest animals on the planet. Penguins have a unique ability to love forever, one that is passed on to any human who sees them for the first time. No animal can come close to the cuteness and silliness of the Penguin and no animal will ever come close.

This is purely based on 100% factual information and there is no bias in any of my writing.