Your new favorite animal is…


The cutest animal you will ever see.

Ryan Wadsworth, Staff Writer

Sloths. Yes, you read that correctly, sloths are one of the most interesting animals in the whole world. Sloths have the negative reputation of just being extremely slow, but they are simply more than just that. I’ll tell you this much, they’re a whole lot better than penguins.

It is correct that sloths are the slowest animal in the world, even slower than animals like snails and tortoises. What people fail to realize is that it’s actually a survival tactic. It helps them go unseen by predators like jaguars, and overall, just keeps them safe. They primarily stay in trees and do all tasks such as eat, sleep, and mate in trees, and sometimes even upside down. They don’t ever leave that tree, and at times only poop once a month. Now that seems like an enjoyable life.

What makes sloths so cool is that they can actually turn their head 270 degrees. They essentially have eyes on the head of their head, and allows them to see when danger is approaching. Their extra vertebrae at the neck is similar to owls and offers much needed protection. Since sloths are slow, the assumption is that they don’t eat too often, but they actually have a huge stomach. Sloths sleep anywhere from 15-20 hours a day. It simply doesn’t get better than that. Sloths are even featured in a few movies like in Ice Age staring Sid the sloth, and also Zootopia featuring Flash. Sloths are taking over.

Now here is where sloths get put over the top. The giant ground sloth (also known as the Megatherium), has been around since the Ice Age. These sloths were the size of elephants and roamed all over earth, and was most prominent in Iowa’s woodland. Thomas Jefferson discovered these beasts, and its history from there.

Sloths don’t get enough attention, and my job was to have people gain more interest in them. Sloths are more than animals that just live in South America. At the very least they are a whole lot cuter than penguins.