The media needs to do better

The portrayal of female politicians is repulsive and it’s time for a change.


This is AOC, a powerful political member who will eventually change the world, but men and the media don’t care about her policies. they care about what lipstick she has on.

Lauren McCloy, Staff Writer

I was young when the 2016 presidential election took place. I was uneducated on politics yet acted like I knew everything. My class was discussing the first presidential debate when my teacher told us that the only reason Hillary Clinton would win the debate: She’d cry and get the sympathy of viewers.  He was a man. Of course. 


Even as a kid, I was stunned by that comment. I still am. My teacher took a basic common stereotype about women and used it to discredit Clinton’s accomplishments. These underhanded, disgusting comments towards women are not limited to classrooms. It’s something I see often in the media today. And it continues to make my stomach churn every time. 


When I’m going through my news feed and I see  “Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s makeup routine reflects the enduring power of lipstick.” I wonder why credit Congress member Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s lipstick for her political success? Why does the media focus on what she does other than what she is wearing? You are taking away well-deserved attention from her policies and achievements in Congress. It’s hard for female politicians to be taken seriously nowadays. Especially with the media’s heavy impression on their clothing and superficial attributes. From criticizing Hillary Clinton’s hair and pantsuits to AOC’s lipstick, the media covers it all. 


A woman’s pants are not a factor of how she will govern. But yet this critique is yet another way to isolate women in the political field, and further demean them by making them look less serious. When men are rarely if ever questioned on their choice of clothing. The media doesn’t care about regular suits, but apparently they do about pant suits on any woman. Sexism in the media goes beyond commenting on a woman’s clothes to representing women in the media personally, not politically. During the 2016 presidential election, articles with titles like “Hillary Clinton: Grandmother-in-Chief?” speculated how Clinton’s new granddaughter would distract her from her leadership responsibilities. They have never said this about any other presidential candidate. 


The media continues to degrade and have problematic mentalities toward women in the media. So to any and all news sources, my old teacher, and anyone who doesn’t believe women can do ANYTHING a man can. Reflect on yourself. Realize it is not 1950 anymore. And make a change.