Let’s all slow down

Christmas can wait.

Christmas can wait.

Ryan Wadsworth, Staff Writer

We are now halfway through November, and I’m already getting sick of Christmas. Don’t get me wrong; Christmas is one of my favorite holidays, but why do we have to celebrate it so early? Thanksgiving has received very little hype this year due to the Christmas fanatics forgetting what month we’re in.

Let me set this straight: Halloween starts on October first, Thanksgiving starts on November first, and Christmas starts on December first. That is the order, and quite frankly there shouldn’t be a debate on a different order. Some people were actually celebrating Christmas in the end of October, which is unbelievable. The extreme circumstances could be the only reason why celebrating Christmas early is allowable.


I feel a lot of the blame goes to stores, because they are the ones that set up all the decorations, and getting people into that spirit. When I was trying to get some last second Halloween costumes at Walmart, there was a whole entire aisle for Christmas and very little items for Halloween. We need to educate those who already have Christmas trees and decorations.


I also feel like Thanksgiving overall isn’t receiving a whole lot of love, and it’s been a trend for the last few years. Thanksgiving gives you the chance to maybe see family that you haven’t seen in a while, or just saying what you are thankful for. It’s more valuable then Christmas is, and the only difference is more food and less presents. Who doesn’t like to eat either?


A change is definitely needed to those Christmas year rounders, and an important one at that. Just adjust your calendar to the correct holiday and we’ll all be good. You’ll at least make me happy.