Working during a pandemic


Many new safety measures such as plastic dividers between customers and workers have been put in place to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Iliana Patterson, Staff Writer

Working customer service during a pandemic is an experience that most will hopefully never have to experience. Not only is working in customer service already stressful, but that stress is only amplified when having to deal with social distancing and dealing with customers who refuse to comply with social distancing rules.

Customer service was already somewhat difficult to work in, as you have to deal with angry customers who do not want to comply with rules and regulations that have been put in place. Working during the Covid-19 pandemic has only made things much more difficult, as now there are even more new rules and regulations for both the workers and customers to follow. Many customers believe they should not have to follow these new rules and regulations, making it difficult for customer service workers to follow these policies as well.

One of the main policies that some customers refuse to follow is the mandatory masks. It is not uncommon to see customers wearing the masks improperly or refusing to wear them all together. And these customers will often take their anger on having to wear a mask on these customer service workers, although they often have nothing to do with these new rules.

Customer service workers often end up taking the brunt of people’s anger at the Covid-19 situation, making working a job in customer service extremely frustrating. Often times asking a customer to follow social distancing rules or asking a customer to properly wear a mask leads to the customer getting angry and defensive, and often gets nowhere in actually following these new rules.

Those working customer service during this pandemic also have to follow these new rules, which can make completing some tasks somewhat difficult. Not to mention having to wear masks for hours on end, then having to constantly correct people who do not want to comply with these regulations.

Working in customer service is arguably one of the most frustrating jobs to work in right now, as it can become extremely exhausting and frustrating to deal with difficult customers.