Christmas socks


Taylor Thompson

Just a small part of my most amazing Christmas sock collection.

Taylor Thompson, Staff Writer

With the start of December, comes the start of all things Christmas. One of my favorite things about holidays is being able to wear holiday themed socks. While I probably have one or two pairs for most holidays, for Christmas I have much more. Most people, while they might not have themed socks for St. Patrick’s Day or the Fourth of July, would be much more likely to have Christmas socks of some sort. They’re everywhere, the Dollar Store, Walmart, even clothing stores like American Eagle. Being able to wear Christmas socks is definitely the mark of the holiday season and the time that lights and Christmas trees go up in houses.

Christmas socks are so much more fun than normal socks. They have fun colors and many different patterns. Seeing people wear them makes outfits more interesting and fun. They spice up any outfit and, in my opinion, should be worn all year. I’ve seen all types of socks, from dogs with Santa hats to Santas in pool floats. I prefer more simple ones with designs on them, but I’ve seen people wear ones with bells and glitter and all types of décor. I personally think that ones with a lot of things on them are too much, but to each their own. Winter themed socks don’t necessarily have to be Christmas socks, yet they are always assumed to be. Patterned socks should be an integral part of fashion as they are much more fun to wear and look at. Things like snowmen or snowflakes aren’t necessarily Christmas items, yet they’re always associated with the holiday. I wear socks with a snowman on them in January or February and people look at me like I’m crazy. Fun socks should be more popular and worn by many people.