Cancel culture needs to be cancelled

Educate people instead of punishing them.


Here is James getting canceled because his tour tickets were too expensive.

Lauren McCloy, Staff Writer

The phrase “cancel culture” has surfaced all over the world, causing drama and crazy twists and turns through life. Especially with COVID, it is easy to get “cancelled” now-a-days. And although I agree we should hold everyone to the consequences of their actions, there must be limitations.


Modern day cancel culture is a toxic mess, giving people an excuse for what they create. After it became an Internet term on Twitter, cancel culture had positive motives, and wanted improvement and empowerment. It called out racist behavior, etc. and now cancel culture has reached mainstream attention and is used on every social media platform. It is a toxic and unnecessary form of bullying. Cancel culture is defined as “the popular practice of withdrawing support or canceling public figures and companies after they have done something or said something offensive,” but it has gone way further then calling out those who are racist; now people have started canceling celebrities or popular figures for not liking food, like Dixie D’Amelio not liking snails.


On every form of social media, you will see #Canceled attached to multiple forms of posts. And this could send mixed messages, especially if it’s false accusations or wrongfully  canceling someone. It becomes a question of, is this about accountability or intolerance?


Another example of cancel culture is James Charles; in May 2019 he was called out by fellow problematic Youtubers Jeffrey Starr and Tati Westbrook, and he lost 2.6 million subscribers and was #Canceled before he could even breathe. People are so anxious and eager to cancel and believe baseless accusations, some that don’t even add up. Everyone is so quick to jump on the bandwagon of hate nowadays, that anyone could get canceled.


Canceling cancel culture is important because many lives have been destroyed by it already. If someone needs to be held accountable to their actions, let that be the decider of everyone. And bullying and harassment is never the way to go.