Days of the week


These are the days of the week.

Through a seven-day week schedule, there are going to be some good days, but there’s also going to be some really bad ones. Everyone has their own favorite days, but I think the consensus favorite is either Friday or Saturday. I have ranked my favorite days of the week from favorite to least favorite.


Saturday- A fan favorite and rightfully so, you have the luxury of having a day off and sleeping in that morning. College football is played on that day which is a positive, and you have the additional day off following. Saturday nights are typically the most fun with your friends.


Friday- This day would be the most exciting since once school or work is over you have about two and a half free days. No major sports is played on this day, but that shouldn’t take away from it. At times you do have high school football on this day, but the season is over. Even having school can’t take away how good the day is.


Sunday- Friday and Sunday are extremely close, but Friday has a slight edge. That shouldn’t take away Sunday, which is a religious day in the morning then lots of NFL football afterwards. If you support a good team like the Chiefs, then Sundays could be good, but if you’re supporting a bad team like the Lions, then Sundays might not be fun. The only negative is that school is the next day. When the football season ends, though, Sundays may seem pointless.


Thursday- Picking the fourth best was difficult at first, but it then become pretty simple. The main reason I picked Thursday is how close it is to Friday. My goal through the whole week is just make it to Friday and the weekend, and Thursday happens to be right there. Having Thursday Night Football is a positive also.


Tuesday- There really isn’t a difference between Tuesday and Wednesday besides one is closer to Friday. What gets me excited is that it’s taco Tuesday, and tacos are my favorite food. Having tacos around half way through the week keeps me going


Wednesday- Humpday and the direct middle of the school week. Your mood can change depending on how Monday and Tuesday went, and how stressed you are at that moment. No major sports on that day, but the most average day would be Wednesday.


Monday- You know I had leave the best for last… one likes Monday and they are all correct in their negative energy towards it. Coming off a fun weekend, sitting in a class for hours is not fun, and you are most likely very tired. I think the only reason it’s an actual day is because of Monday Night Football and the national Championship.