Where’s the Christmas spirit?


My Christmas tree this year that I just put up on Monday and put very little effort into. Featuring a fake pinata on top as our star.

Taylor Thompson, Staff Writer

Christmas is a lot of people’s favorite time of year. However, this year there are quite a few people who aren’t really feeling it. I know for myself it just doesn’t really feel like Christmas. Maybe it’s because of the pandemic so people can’t really gather to do the festive activities, or maybe it has something to do with living in Florida, so the weather doesn’t change, but something just feels off this year. Nobody is really talking about Christmas this year, and the only real festive activity that can be done is looking at lights or ice skating because it’s outside. Every holiday hasn’t been the same this year; I don’t even remember Easter happening, but Christmas is usually more important and special. This year it just seems like another day.

This year has been a blur. It feels like the end of March was yesterday and we’re still on the two-week spring break we were supposed to have. Maybe the pace this year has been on is why it doesn’t feel like Christmas. Thanksgiving just happened and suddenly there’s only a week until Christmas. It just is seeming to come very suddenly. I just bought presents this week and only put up my tree Monday friends are in similar situations. Everyone’s desire for this horrible year to end probably has something to do with the increased pace of this year. People aren’t focused on Christmas; they’re focused on New Year’s so this horrible year can finally end. Christmas just seems like it’s going to be a regular day this year and not very special. Maybe if people did more easy Christmas things like spending more nights watching Christmas movies and drinking hot chocolate or making gingerbread houses, it could feel more like Christmas time.