The greatest months


The months of the year.

Ryan Wadsworth, Staff Writer

In my last article I wrote about my favorite days of the week, and I wrote them from favorite to least favorite. I will now be writing about my five favorite months and that will also be written from favorite to least favorite. Some of your favorite months will definitely be left out.


December- Starting with December having us off for two weeks thanks to Christmas break and overall having the holiday this month is great. Although the winter isn’t great in Florida, it’s nice to have a little change in the weather instead of it being hot all the time. The NFL is having their final games of the year making the regular season even more exciting. NBA this year even started in December for once so that’s just an added plus.


March- March may an interesting month to put second, but it actually has a lot of great things that we don’t usually think about. Starting off with spring break, after we go three straight months with no break, having that extra week off can really help lots of people. The NBA and NHL are both happening at this time, and the season is slowly ending getting close to the playoffs. Spring training is also starting up for MLB, so everything is starting in that month.


November- The thankful month is November and it’s rightfully so. We get to be around our families for Thanksgiving and eat all of that great food. The first break from school also happens, which is great. The weather is also making a change around this time.


July- The party month with the Fourth of July and having fun on that day. Baseball is really the only sport happening at this time, but baseball during the summer can never go wrong. It’s July so since it’s so hot you can go swimming, go to the beach, and just play outside. The month of July is just fun for everyone. It’s also my birthday J.


October- I wasn’t the biggest fan of Halloween was I was younger, but it has slowly grown on me. I know how much kids love dressing up, and then usually parties that happen on Halloween are fun. The weather during this month is a complete hit or miss, because we do have some days where it is cold (from Florida standers), but sometimes it can hit 90.