Eye openers! Take a leap of faith!


A leap of faith is shown by the awesome Miles Morales also known as Spiderman in the movie Spiderman Into the Spider Verse. He finally decides to take the ultimate risk and jumps out of a building showing his maturity and readiness to take on the world. Note taking a leap of faith isn’t jumping out of a building but trying something completely new to you.

Kiara Perez Cans, Staff Writer

Life is all about living in the moment and there are many movies that help you see that. Not everyone thinks like that and when watching a movie and being shown the greatness that comes with living in the moment, they can see that they still have time to do something with their life.


Trying something new or being spontaneous is shown to expand your mind and help you learn new things. You may even discover a skill set you didn’t know you had like mountain climbing. You can also lose fears you previously had and expand your options of what new things to do. There are many movies that have helped me come to terms with taking leaps. First off would be The Fault in Our Stars, mainly because a topic they speak about is that you don’t know when your journey on Earth will end so you might as well try new things. It is shown through a character known as Augustus when he does spontaneous acts and dies during the movie from osteosarcoma. Another one that is similar would be the movie Clouds which is a true story.  Teenagers Zach Sobiech and Sammy Brown form a band called A Firm Handshake and release a hit song known as “Clouds.”  He shares his story and later dies form Osteosarcoma. Augustus Waters and Zach Sobiech both focus on living life to the fullest to the end and the way it is portrayed really reaches the audience.


Other movies that have the same effect yet the characters don’t die are Spiderman Into the Spidey Verse and Paper Towns. Miles Morales a cool teenager yet when he receives his Spiderman powers, he is frightened. He doesn’t want to take on the responsibility till somethings occur. He takes a leap of faith while still scared but ends up saving the world. He jumps off a building, symbolizing a take on responsibility and maturity. Don’t literally jump off a building, but maybe try skateboarding or going hiking. Something that has excited you yet you haven’t tried. Last but not least would-be Paper Towns. When teenage Quentin spends a night with his friend Margot, they do 11 spontaneous and crazy things and then she disappears. Quentin, being a very boring and shy teenager, goes through great lengths to find her and realizes in the end that he spent his life doing nothing and the only way to get out of his comfort was looking for her. There are countless of other films that encourage you to take risks and do the once in a lifetime opportunity in front of you, but these ones in particular really spoke to me as they were all teenagers when they realized.


If you are looking for any signs to go and do what you have been longing to, this is it. Don’t wait till tomorrow because you never know what can happen. Taking a leap of faith may be scary, but what follows is unspeakable and can lead you to even greater lengths than you expect. Don’t wait, go forth and have fun!