Wisdom teeth


Taylor Thompson

A picture of myself merely 30 minutes post surgery.

Taylor Thompson, Staff Writer

Videos of people after getting their wisdom teeth out are very common and a lot of them have gone viral on various apps like Twitter, Instagram, or now Tik Tok. Pretty much everyone has seen the videos of people after the laughing gas saying crazy things or freaking out. I’ve seen many where the person is sobbing because they thought their tongue was missing. There are so many videos on the internet of people freaking out in various ways and saying crazy things and they’re usually very funny, which is why they go viral. These hilarious videos can be found anywhere with a large variety of people in them.

However, I wonder just how true those videos are. I got my wisdom teeth out last week and I was very excited to have funny videos of me being stupid. There were no videos like that of me. I was a little loopy, but I was fully aware of what I was doing and saying, I remember everything post-surgery and there was no crying or saying funny things. I do remember thinking that it was a rip off, because as a child you look forward to getting your wisdom teeth out to get the videos. It made me think how much of the way people were acting was because of the laughing gas and how much was influenced by the person wanting to be funny. Of course, some of them are real, but it made me wonder how many of them aren’t. How many of them are acting more out of it than they are because they can? They use the laughing gas as an excuse to say stupid things, when in reality they know exactly what they’re saying. I know many people who were fine after the surgery, and it makes me wonder if that’s how most people actually are.