Restaurant review: The Mill


A picture of the very delicious watermelon bruschetta.

Taylor Thompson, Staff Writer

Recently I tested out a new restaurant in hopes of something different. The Mill, located in downtown St. Pete, was just what I’d expected. While it’s not very close, it’s definitely worth the drive. And if St. Pete is not desired scenery, there is one in Tampa as well. So, we are basically in the middle of the two. I was searching for something new, something that would stand out from other places, and that is exactly what I found here.

The portions are small, so it is encouraged to get multiple appetizers as well as the main dish. While, the portions are small, the prices are not outrageous. The prices are very reasonable. I had two appetizers while there, the watermelon bruschetta and the Cajun cheese curds. For my entrée, I had a grilled cheese. Yet, this grilled cheese had four different cheeses on it including swiss, dill Havarti, whipped feta, and cheddar IPA. Served on marbled rye, it was grilled perfectly and tasted delicious. The watermelon bruschetta was very good as well, a very unique dish, it had diced tomato and watermelon on top of whipped feta on toasted bread. The dish was quite good, and I would definitely order it again. My favorite dish, however, was the Cajun cheese curds. The Cajun flavor added something special to a very plain dish and it came with a sweet pepper jam that had the most unique and amazing flavor. It was very good and had the best flavor. The restaurant had a great atmosphere and was decorated in a very cool way, from the jean seat cushions to the industrial style of the place, anywhere you look has a cool design element. Our server was also the bartender, and he was very nice and attentive still, even when doing both jobs. Overall, I would go to the restaurant again, for it had a very memorable taste and a good atmosphere.