Ruth’s Chris review


Taylor Thompson

This picture doesn’t do this superb crème brûlée any justice. One of the best things I’ve ever eaten.

Taylor Thompson, Staff Writer

Many people have heard of the restaurant Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse, and rightfully so, since it is an amazing restaurant with high quality food. It’s definitely one of my favorite restaurants I’ve ever been to. It’s a little bit expensive; however, it is very high quality, so it makes sense. This fine dining experience is something I definitely recommend everyone partake in at least once. The food is always great; however, the service is not always up to par. I’ve been there many times, and most of the time the service is excellent, but there’s been a couple times throughout the years that we got a sever or two (sometimes the same one more than once) who wasn’t the best. Most recently we had one who wasn’t the greatest. He brought my parents regular Coke instead of diet multiple times when refilling them. We went pretty early, but once more people came to the restaurant, he barely come to the table.

The food, though, is always amazing. Every time I go, I get an eleven-ounce filet, cooked perfectly, and topped with butter. The steaks are cooked on a 500-degree plate so that the meat stays hot the entire meal. I’ve also had the ribeye which has amazing flavor, and the chicken is probably the best chicken I’ve ever had (even though I would never order it because the steak is so good). You can get sides a la carte, and the baked potato and au gratin potatoes are very good, though I would prefer the au gratin to have sliced potatoes, but it had small cubed potatoes. For dessert I always get the crème brûlée. The sugar on top is never burnt, and it has more of a custard taste than others I’ve had which I prefer. It’s one of the best restaurants I’ve ever been to and I would go many times again.