Is wagyu beef really worth it?


Taylor Thompson

The half-eaten, but very amazing steak itself.

Taylor Thompson, Staff Writer

On Tuesday, April 6, I had the privilege of being able to eat real A5 grade wagyu beef. Wagyu beef is imported from Japan and is some of the best steak one can get. There are different grades but A3 to A5 are the best and most expensive; they’re the ones that people hear about. The cows are massaged daily sometimes with sake. Sometimes the cows listen to classical music to relax them, and a cow will eat around five tons of feed throughout its fattening period. All of this is done to produce a high content of intramuscular fat which is the nice marbling that’s on the steaks. It’s also what makes it so expensive.

We went to Council Oak, a restaurant inside the Seminole Hard Rock Casino, for dinner and they had A5 wagyu on their menu. $24 per ounce with a five and ten ounce option. I got a ten ounce New York strip. Before you sit at the restaurant, you can see into where a man is cutting meat so you can see the steaks before they’re cooked, including the wagyu. Just looking at that you can see the insane marbling on it and how it differed from the other steaks. In my opinion, it’s definitely worth it to pay the insane price for this steak. When you go to bite into it it feels like it’s melting in your mouth and it has the taste of a very flavorful ribeye, more flavorful than any other steak I’ve had. I’ve eaten a lot of steaks and I can say with confidence that that’s the best one I’ve ever had and probably ever will.