Still no prom?


Taylor Thompson

The dress (left) I bought just slightly too early last year before prom, and the rest of the school year, was cancelled.

Taylor Thompson, Staff Writer

Last year with quarantine at the end of the school year, there obviously couldn’t have been a prom. However, it wasn’t as big of a deal. Yes, those seniors didn’t get a senior prom, but they did get a junior prom. And the juniors then figured they’d get a senior prom still. Oh, how wrong they were. The school has managed to plan a grad night and regular graduation; however, we don’t get the two best things: prom and senior breakfast. Props to the school for planning what they did, but the county could’ve allowed an outdoor prom or tried to figure out something. Seminole County is doing a dinner instead of a prom, where everyone dresses up for prom; they just can’t dance. Such a simple solution, yet Pinellas didn’t think to do something similar. And senior breakfast, something I’ve been hearing about for four years as being the best part of senior year, how fun it was and how great the hypnotist was. And yet the senior class of 2021 will never know the joys of being hypnotized in front of their peers.

Some students are throwing their own proms, but it’s invite-only and only the hosts’ relatively small group of friends can go. There are two being thrown and many of the people invited overlap anyway. And with a senior class of over 500, 430 of them still have no chance of going to a prom. It’s something people look forward to for four, or sometimes more, years and the class of 2021 doesn’t even get one of the two possible proms. However, there is hope of formals and such in college if they’re in a sorority or frat or know someone in one. And while it’s great that we get a real graduation, it just seems that we could’ve had more.