Reasons my sisters annoy me: Part 1

The wardrobe thieves

: Next time you leave the house, think about putting this in your closet. Photo by (found on Twitter)

Larissa Snaguski, Staff Writer

As a girl with five siblings, there is no shortage of things that my brothers and sisters do that aggravate me (mainly my sisters; they are the worst). To start off, my sisters like to do this sneaky thing where they go into my room and take clothes from my closet to wear. Whether they are ”borrowing” my clothes just to go out to a nice dinner, the beach, or even late night Target runs… it’s annoying.


Whenever I leave the house before my sisters, I will see them later in the day or at home and they always will have at least one item of my clothing on, without asking. But what really bothers me is that they take my clothes without permission and will leave my room a mess. One time I left earlier than my sister to go to school and I saw her in the hallway wearing my FAVORITE hunter green shirt, and what can I do about it? Rip it off of her? No, I can’t. When I got home, my room was trashed (go figure).  Maybe I don’t let them borrow my clothes because they’re my sisters and it’s a natural response to me to be mean, but I believe the reason that I am so reluctant to let them borrow my clothes is because when they take my clothes, they claim “I’m gonna give it back” and then I don’t see it for another three months and by that time, I end up forgetting about it and forget I owned it in the first place. Remember that hunter green shirt? Yep, never saw it until almost six months later. Not only did she return it months late… you’d think she would have washed it when she returned it… nope.


Another thing, when they “borrow“ my clothes, they will leave the hanger from the item sticking up above the rest in my closet like how they would be when you yank clothes off of them. If there is not a mess in my closet, there is a mess on my floor or in my room. I like everything in my room organized and well kept. I like to keep my room spotless and one can imagine how annoyed I would be to come home and find my room half trashed. Love my sisters; hate their habits.