Taking the rumor on the run

“Heard it from a friend who, heard it from another you been messin’ around”


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Classmates are talking amongst themselves

Jadalys Pichardo, Staff Writer


Spreading rumors about other people has been normalized by society. This view by my generation, Gen Z, doesn’t urge teenagers to change. Instead, we think it’s okay to do so because we are rarely called out on it. When a false rumor about someone starts to contaminate everybody around, there isn’t much one can do. You must take action in this situation before it generates into this “global” virus.

You never know who is telling the truth, but being an evolving teenager, we don’t always think whether what we are told is true. We focus on our reactions and the plot of the rumor and who it’s about, instead of questioning whether it’s true or not, considering most rumors don’t come from the person the rumor is about. Teens need to be called out on their actions because if we aren’t, we won’t know that what we are doing is wrong. On the other hand, most teens are fully aware that becoming a link in the chain of a rumor is bad, yet they don’t seem to care much about that.

Speaking from personal experience, false rumors about a person in your life can really hurt someone and negatively impact your wellbeing. Your friends may begin to say mean things to you, claiming they’re just a joke, but it’s all fun in games until someone in that group tells one of their friends as a joke. Unfortunately, their friend might not think it’s a joke and they will go and tell their friends purely for self-entertainment. Handling this situation can be tough for introverted people. Not wanting to offend the people they care about by standing up and having the feeling of losing them can destroy someone.

No one has the right to talk about your personal life unless you give them permission. If you haven’t and somehow, they know things you didn’t even mention, question them. Ask them where they got that information and how. Stand up for your privacy and the truth about YOUR LIFE since they have NO business talking about it, because according to www.verywellfamily.com, being gossiped about can destroy ones personal self-confidence and self-esteem. For example, an old friend hears a rumor about you and after not attempting to contact you for days, weeks, even months, they bring it up in the middle of your day. Know who you can trust, because if you trust the wrong people, you will end up in a situation you may never come back from.