Halloween came early: the nightmare that is the ELHS student parking lot/car line

Changes to East Lake’s car line system has sent waves through the student body; for better or for worse


Brendan Wells

The duality of the waiting line; the beautiful morning sky perfectly contrasts the terror that is Bryan lane at 7:00.

Brendan Wells, Staff Writer

Your eyes slowly open as the cacophonous Apple alarm blares from the rectangle placed on your bedside table. The next five minutes consist of deep contemplation: “Is it too late to drop out?” “Did I finish those notes from last night?” I hope there’s a fire drill or something at least that’ll break up the day a little.” After reconsidering your life choices, you rise from the sweet, sweet comfort that is your own bed, and prepare for yet another day in paradise. Breakfast, getting dressed, brushing your teeth, and maybe popping the emergency Red Bull that you’ll thank yourself for later in the day. You hop in your car and throw on the morning playlist, and just as you begin to think, “Hey, today might not be that bad,” you go to make a right turn onto Bryan Lane. Except that you can’t because cars are lined bumper to bumper all the way up and down; think Los Angeles or Atlanta in peak rush hour. You roll your eyes as far back into your head as you possibly can while you bang your head repeatedly into the steering wheel. As I said, another day in paradise.


East Lake looks almost nothing like it did last year, as COVID now ceases to exist (according to our governor at least) and students have flocked back to the Eagles’ nest in record numbers. With this comes the expected crowded hallways and classrooms, but what nobody could’ve expected is the disaster that has been the car line these first few weeks of school. The car line initially made its return in the fashion that EL veterans are used to, the circular lot right outside the middle school, which despite its small size has proven to be quite efficient in years past. But with the massive influx of students both new and old, our beloved car circle just couldn’t keep up, and chaos ensued. Late students, honking horns, and irritated administrators created a perfect storm of early morning frustration, which everyone knew wouldn’t be ideal to keep around for the rest of the school year. Our administration adapted and formulated a new plan; the lane closest to the football field in the student parking lot would now serve as the car line, to the dismay of all of East Lake’s student drivers. “I pull up to school at 7 and don’t get in there until 7:30… it’s mad,” says senior Gabriel Russe. This frustration isn’t isolated though, as students from all years are aggravated to say the least by the new changes.


While waiting in the morning may be annoying, the blame placed on admin is largely unwarranted, as their options at this point are limited, with speed and organization being the ultimate goal no matter what. The learning curve to a school year removed from the COVID era (not really) is going to be difficult to manage all over campus, but if the car line fiasco is any indicator of how our year may play out, Teams isn’t looking too bad all of a sudden.