From singing to strumming to stomping, behold the beauty of the performing arts

Oftentimes, we enjoy the entertainment of the performing arts at our own leisurely pace and escape the issues that buzz our brains; but what comes of its significance in the world of answer sheets and homework pages?


Jasmin Parrado

Programs like choir and theatre in the performing arts urge the use of creative talents and abilities through varying material.

Jasmin Parrado, Staff Writer

Answer sheets, homework pages, quizzes, calculators, pencils; you’re piled with them, and you’re overwhelmed.

Or maybe you’re not worried about everything. Maybe it’s one thing. Probably it’s that vocabulary memorization quiz you have to study for on Friday. Maybe it’s that one Calculus assignment you procrastinated on and said you’d do during lunch but then didn’t, or maybe it’s the SAT and the 3three different college essays you have plastered across your laptop in unclosed Word documents. The moments in which we prioritize the monotony of the next thing around serve as blatant reminders of what the world of education would serve to become without the extracurriculars that underlie it.


So, what come of the moments when we stray away? What formulates in the course of time that feels timeless, when we explore the sounds and sights that define ourselves apart from our thickened calluses and weary backs?


Look to the halls and listen for the drumming in the distance; notice the harmonies that resonate through the telltale acoustics down by the theatre; stroll by and stop to witness the coordination of the arms and the legs as they tell a story in weightless choreography. In these things, you will find reason—you will find a goal and purpose. This is where creativity thrives.


The performing arts is an essential key to the development of our individual assets; you’ll find that it prompts one to dedicate the best of their skills to the creation or expression of a concept. The opera singers will present to you the grand suspense and anticipation of a character in drama through the likes of dissonant chords and heavy vibrato, while the dancers will sway and jump to catch the essence of their themes, accompanying the sounds and becoming one with the music. In these courses of commitment and experience, one discovers the skill of expression overall, that which allows them to relieve themselves of emotional and mental barriers. Healthy mindsets and forms of coping are born from this channeling of one’s coordination and thoughts, allowing them to separate the extent of their troubles from their academic potential.


Apart from such givens that benefit the general world of academia, remember that the power of creative expression simply prevails through and defies the pain of owing one’s academic prowess exclusively to systematic assessments and expectations. It provides a sanctuary in which to blossom once more within the depths of one’s individuality. It is a refuge for those that aim to separate themselves from the traditionally educational world that they must return to, and in it lies the abstract, the unknown, and the artistic. We get to continue our journey of self-development and socialization despite the downs of traditional core education.


As a choir singer of eight years, I have often found my greatest traits and elements in the choir room, singing alongside the best of peers and mentors and pushing myself to pursue the most challenging goals. Those same goals have taken me behind the curtains at Ruth Eckerd Hall, backstage at the Candlelight processional in Disney’s Epcot, and to the illustrious Carnegie Hall in New York City. I can still feel the cold, dry air and envision the city scene that glimmered before me on the night I stood from the top floor of the Empire State Building.


All I could remember thinking as I stood there was, ‘How would I have ever gotten this opportunity without the option to dream of it in the first place’? To sing, to strive for something bigger—it inspires me to this day and reminds me that I am the same person who went that far. I am capable of more. I would’ve never known that fact so well had I not been given that creative space.


Your inspiration does not have to come from the art of the voice; maybe it will come from the symphonies you listen to or the dance recitals you watch. No matter what your drive is, the performing arts will develop on it. It is an essential aspect of education in that regard, and to consider it as such is the first step to helping the students of the world discover what makes them who they truly, wonderfully are.


Who are you? What are you like? Let your creative expression do the talking. Match the pitch and make the jump. You’re not a textbook example or a test sheet—this is your moment. This is you.