Car circle chaos

Senior parking vs. student drop off. The ultimate battle.


To all the sophomores and juniors: be sure to park in your own spot this year.

Lauren McCloy, Staff Writer

Inside the lion’s den of hundreds of East Lake High School students, there is one place where are the most aggressive of aggressiveness comes out. And that the parking lot. We, East Lake High School seniors, have been through it these past four years. From losing sophomore and junior year, to now, this parking situation, we are feeling a bit neglected, not gonna lie.


The juniors have been parking in senior parking spots. And you may ask, can’t they just wait one more year? Apparently not. Go through anyone’s Snapchat story on the first two weeks of school, and you would see some picture of someone else’s car in a senior’s parking spot. It’s happened to me personally a few times. And it’s the domino effect. After one does it, another one, add another one, and before you know it, everyone’s lost their spot.


Now the car line; every student who drives in the morning knows about the back way- through Bryan Lane. But now, that’s backed up every morning. Same with about every single entrance into the high school. I live right across the street and it takes over 15 minutes to get into the parking lot. Let alone walk to the front of the gate. In retrospect, it seems like a good plan–but for everyone, except the seniors. I’ve never seen aggressive driving as bad as this. 


All in all, I’m glad to have my senior year. Of course, there are some things I would do differently. But who am I to complain? I’ve been online since my sophomore year, I’ll get used to it!