Why college should be an option

With college being enforced on minds from the age of five to senior year… do you really have to go?

Florida college logos


Florida college logos

Larissa Snaguski, Staff Writer

Although technically college is an option, 90% of us were brought up with the idea that if you don’t go to college, you won’t be successful. We were always told to “do this to get into a good school,” but this is technically not true. Linsey Knerl of Northeastern University mentions that “the short answer is ‘yes,’ it is possible to succeed without college” but in the same breath she says that “having a college degree offers a clear advantage.” Since this was pushed so far into our brains, we see no other way, we haven’t been able to think for ourselves or considered other options beyond continuing our educations. With this being said…should you do it?


Everyone is different, everyone has different goals, different futures, different pasts, even different parents. Coincidentally, I was always pushed into going to college though my father did not go, he is still successful and supports himself, our family and more, nobody holds his choice against him. Branka Vuleta says, “Out of the 57% of students who don’t finish college after six years, 33% of them drop out entirely.” Not everyone wants to go to law school to become a lawyer just as not everyone wants to go to school to become an interior designer or even not go to school to become a realtor. Some are influenced (by their parents) to go to medical school and some may want to travel the world right out of high school. I don’t blame them; the world is a gigantic place full of adventures and the unknown and if you don’t ever go see it… you will never experience it. Yeah sure you can see it when you retire but your life could be over before then. I mean, you could always go back to school later right? Even some of the most successful people did not attend or did not finish college, for example, Bill Gates (co-founder of Microsoft) was a Harvard dropout and has a current net worth of $129 billion, Steve Jobs (co-founder of Apple) also a college drop out and at the time of his death had a net worth of $10.2 billion, even CoCo Chanel started as an orphan and did not attend college and had a net worth of $8 million at the time of her death. In short, if you put your mind to it, you can do it if you believe. These celebrities are first hand examples of what you can do without formal education.


Right out of high school, nobody knows what they want to be/do. Even if you don’t decide to go to college, there is really no rush. You have the option to take a gap year, you can see the world, decide what you want to study and go back. But no matter what path you’re on, you get to decide it and as corny as it sounds, you only live once so make the best of it.