Why do people use social media?

With how intoxicating social media is, why don’t people just delete it?


Social media addiction is taking over everyday lives

Larissa Snaguski, Staff Writer

iPhones. These electronic devices are taking over everyone’s lives. This is mostly due to the many addicting social media apps. From Instagram to Tik Tok to even Facebook, kids, teens, and adults worldwide spend about 10 percent of their day on their phones, on social media. According to Statista, we spend about “145 minutes per day” on social media and for some, it may be more than that, as “75 percent of American teens age 13-17 use Instagram and 75 percent of teens use Snapchat,” says the NORC at the university of Chicago. That is more than half of Americans that use these entertainment apps. If you don’t believe me, check your screen time and try to prove me wrong. People use social media to keep up with the world, the trends, lives of celebrities, really anything that is given straight from the source at our fingertips that you can’t have on other platforms.


People nowadays look at other people as a number. That number pictured above the “followers” tab on all social accounts. People are probably afraid to get rid of the toxic apps, afraid to miss out on what they consider important information or for some this means not updating the world of their own life. This could also surface from fear of becoming “irrelevant” and not staying connected with your followers. I used to be like this but I mean really…who cares? Most likely not your followers.


I’ve deleted these apps many times and have seen the difference in my mood and productivity. I did my homework (which made my grades go up), focused on my goals (aka my SAT and college goals), I did 99 percent of my checklist everyday, and most importantly, I actually talked to people. One day I was told that someone thought I “fell off of the face of the earth” because I no longer posted on my accounts as if I wouldn’t exist if I didn’t have an account? Social media is not that serious, and you can have a life without it. I and many others will without a doubt spend hours scrolling on Tik Tok or getting stuck in the dark YouTube binge spiral, only to be brought back to the sun gone down, a large to-do list, and a ton of homework assignments sitting in your back pack you haven’t even opened. I mean really… who created this stuff?