Why Platos Closet is a Scam

I don’t know who created the system of Plato’s Closet, but it’s time to rethink it.


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Lauren McCloy, Staff Writer

Picture this, clothes you have spent almost your life savings on are sitting in your closet. But come to think of it, some of these clothes have been sitting there for a while. They are starting to collect dust of the unused, so what do you do? You gather the best brands- Urban Outfitters, Pacsun, Brandy Melville, any brand you think that Plato’s will accept, and fold them nicely in a reusable bag. You bring it to your local Plato’s, and low and behold, $20 max for ten of your items. A scam.


Recently, I’ve had no luck with any Plato’s closet. I have been to seven different shops all around the Tampa and St. Pete area. The most I’ve gotten was $100 in my first go. And I think that built up too much confidence in me. Going into this, I knew that Plato’s is unanimously known for only taking the worst of the worst and saying that certain clothes are “out of date.” But I thought that if I just went to different places every time, all of them would take at least one thing. And they did…. I just got cheated out of it.


My first go at the closest Plato’s near me, I was given $100 for 10 items. Around ten dollars each item. An ideal trade. But the next store offered me $25 for 11 items. Next place, $15 for seven items. It was all over the place. It made me ask myself, what are they basing this pricing off of? And no matter how much I looked into it, I just could not figure it out. Maybe it just depends on who is working and what they think your things are worth.


But if you are like me and are tired of Plato’s Closet’s bipolar buying ways, go to Avalon Exchange in Tampa! They are so reliable and if you have good style you are bound to make a pretty penny. And just like Plato’s, they offer you cash on hand. So if you are feeling like it, clean out of your closet for the upcoming seasons! Happy selling!