Strawberry milk: the superior milk

 Stop the hate on strawberry milk!! 


I always keep my supply of strawberry milk in the fridge.

Lauren McCloy, Staff Writer

Personally, I’m not a milk person myself, let alone a dairy person in general. But a switch flips whenever I see strawberry milk. The taste covers the, “you are literally drinking milk” ick that I have. It all started in elementary school, and it was a game changer for sure. Now this is coming from someone who has tried chocolate milk, banana milk, chocolate banana milk, and even melon milk. Strawberry always comes out on top. 

Growing up, I hated milk. But in elementary school, we would have book fair days where they would sell straws with flavored straws. These “Milk Magic” straws came in, chocolate, vanilla, cookies and cream, and my favorite – strawberry. Now, i’m not young enough to have elementary school book fair milk straws… so promise land strawberry milk from publix or any other local grocery store is my go to. And to those who swear bf chocolate milk (my sister…) I understand chocolate milk is great, it is, it has its classic reputation. But it has nothing on strawberry milk. Nothing. 

Moreover I feel as if strawberry milk gets a bad reputation for no real reason. Strawberry milk is for any occasion, unlike eggnog, which I think is a valid thing to hate.  Strawberry milk is sweet, and honestly indescribable. It was always something I looked forward to after a Long day at school. And maybe I’m biased, I tend to like fruits over any sort of chocolate… Which is probably why banana milk is my second favorite! 

Depends on the person, but I stick by my word. Strawberry milk was one of the best flavored milks ever created. But I do think they should make more flavored milks. Because who wants to drink plain milk?