Why Daylight Saving Time should be cancelled


A visual representation of the torture that is daylight savings. (source: BBVA Openmind)

A visual representation of the torture that is daylight savings. (source: BBVA Openmind)

Lauren McCloy, Staff Writer

Obviously the title is MOSTLY a joke. But the resentment I feel toward this very annoying practice of daylight saving is very much not. Every fall, the residents of 70 countries worldwide move their clocks back an hour. Four months later, they move their clocks forward an hour. “Who even came up with that?” You may ask. Well, I remember my dad always saying that Benjamin Franklin invented it to help the farmers out, but one quick google search definitely proved him wrong. Fun fact of the day: a New Zealand entomologist named George Hudson came up with this. For the purpose of, and I could not even believe it, bug hunting. 


We have just left Daylight Saving Time and it will start up again in four months, in the second week of March. Going into that, daylight savings is not only one of the most unnecessary things, but it also causes a lot of harm to a person’s overall health. Sleep is one of the main factors in anyone’s life. And sleep schedules are literally put in place by consistency and rhythm. When the clocks change, this consistency is disrupted, which can lead to sleep deprivation. Obviously, there isn’t much anyone can do about the sun setting and sun rising times. But nobody has to change the clock! The disruptions of sleep can be incredibly dangerous, which is why the time shifts are associated with increased car accidents, heart attacks and strokes. As well as harming one’s mental health, why do you think the term seasonal depression exists?


When the clocks fall back, the evenings start earlier, and it sucks. It’s solidly dark by 5:30 p.m., which is just sad. The sunset today was literally at 5:25 p.m. in East Lake. So teenagers are just going to go to school in the dark, be in classes all day, go home and then in two hours or so the sun is already setting?  Sunshine is hard enough to come by in the winter months, and it should not be that way. Daylight Saving Time is a completely useless tradition that is overall completely useless. People have to realize that nobody enjoys this practice, and it overall does more harm than good.


Overall America should do a nationwide vote and get rid of this wacky practice, we should follow in the footsteps of Hawaii and Arizona, which don’t have Daylight Saving Time! But Florida has passed a bill to permanently stay on Daylight Saving Time, but that hasn’t been approved by the federal government. So who knows, maybe I’m just sleep deprived!