Astrology: is it real?

Do you believe in horoscopes?

All of the zodiac signs.

All of the zodiac signs.

Larissa Snaguski, Staff Writer

Opinions on horoscopes are very simple: there are people who believe in them and then there are people that don’t. Then there are also people in this blurry, in-between line where they believe some readings may be true when it’s convenient and then when it is negative, the opposite. This last category is 90% of people, though now it seems to be becoming more accepted. It is on the trending page of all social apps. People find it interesting and want to read more, to figure out if it is true or not. You may hear your friends asking, “What is your zodiac sign?” When you hear the word zodiac, you would probably thing of some kind of monster… for those who do not know, a horoscope is, according to google, is a forecast of a person’s future, typically including a delineation of character and circumstances, based on the relative positions of the stars and planets at the time of that person’s birth.


Your horoscope is based the location, date, and time of birth. You have your most common of the many: sun, moon and rising signs. Your sun (generally the most well known) represents what is exciting and vibrant about you. Your moon shows you your deepest feelings and instinctual responses. Your rising is considered “your ascendant,” which influences your outer personality and how others perceive you and your interaction with the world. You will see Instagram, Tik Tok, Snapchat, and all other social medias giving clever meme-type of posts about your zodiac sign. These posts give a photo and tell you things like what character we would be on a well-known show, or telling us when we’re going to find our soulmate; these kinds of posts make it easy to become interested in learning more about yourself and your sign.


Whether you choose to believe in your horoscope or not, it is up to you. In my opinion, some readings are freakily accurate and others could not be more off. Most seems to be generalized just enough that anyone could really relate to it. So, are they real?