The Great Catch should have been released

New Oldsmar restaurant promises in name more than it can deliver.

The Great Catch restaurant in Oldsmar.

The Great Catch restaurant in Oldsmar.

Ethan Caswell, Staff Writer

Having family in town this weekend, we were looking for a new restaurant to try. My mother had a coupon in a mailer to try a new seafood restaurant advertised in Oldsmar called The Great Catch. It was located in the old Rumba Island Grill restaurant location at 3687 Tampa Road. I love fish and shrimp and have been looking for a good seafood restaurant, so we were hopeful on this one! They accepted reservations and had openings, so seven of us ate there on Sunday evening.

The setting inside the restaurant seemed very clean and nice. There were plenty of tables, many of which were wheelchair accessible. Additionally, I liked that there were televisions so that I could watch the game during dinner. The wait staff was also friendly and attentive. When the servers brought out our food, it was in fairly good time and it was accurate. The servers did a good job and the waitress immediately followed up with anything else needed.

For food, of course most of us were looking to eat seafood, so that is what we ordered. First, we ordered an appetizer of fried alligator. I liked it a lot with the majority even though my mother did not and got very grossed out! For the main course, I ordered coconut shrimp with two sides. It was good, but it was not fresh shrimp, which was disappointing. Similarly, my mother ordered broiled grouper and said it was fair. Another person ordered Mahi and was told it was not fresh either, but came in precut frozen blocks, which sounded very unappetizing. My father ordered a scallop casserole which he did not care for. In fact, the only people in our party who did like the food did not order seafood. My brothers ordered chicken tenders and a hamburger and said they were good.

I would give this restaurant 2.5 out of 5 stars. The food wasn’t terrible, but it also wasn’t great. There are reviews out there that conflict with this (scored a 4.2 on Google reviews), but I am basing it off of my experience that evening at that location. My disappointment stems from the lack of fresh seafood available in our area considering we live in Florida on the coast! It looks like I am still waiting for a great local fresh seafood restaurant in our East Lake/Palm Harbor area.