Valentine’s Day is a scam

And here’s why.


Multiple Hallmark Valentine’s Day cards.

Lauren McCloy, Staff Writer

You may be reading this thinking, “Wow. Someone couldn’t find a Valentine’s Day date.” But actually, I’m just a hater on this holiday. And there are many reasons why. A glorified day to appreciate your significant other; shouldn’t that just be a normal thing? Valentine’s Day just helps to reinforce our collective beliefs and behaviors. It is quite literally the definition of a social construct. 


All in all, it is essentially a holiday that was scientifically put together perfectly by Hallmark to do one thing. Increase card sales. When obligations are made by couples to get each other gifts on some random day in February. Their business was booming, honestly a brilliant marketing strategy. Go Hallmark for that one. The cards were first sold starting in 1916, which means that it has been over a hundred years of celebrating a holiday made just for profit. And over hundreds of years of history, since Valentine’s Day cards can date back to the 18th century. 144 million Valentine’s Day cards are sold every year while prices increase every year. Even if they were selling the cards for 99 cents, which they used to do at Dollar Tree before they bumped it up to the $1.25 cent store, they still make an insane amount of money off this one holiday.


But I take back what I said about it being a random day in February, because it actually isn’t. If you didn’t know, Roman legends suggest that Valentinus was incarcerated for harboring Christian beliefs. Preceding his death, he wrote a note to the jailor’s blind daughter and signed, “From your valentine.” Additionally, the goddess of love and marriage, Juno, was honored on February 14 in Rome. And although Valentine’s Day is anything but a Christian holiday, it definitely has a religious background. But now, that Is all covered up with candy, cards, flowers, and other random Valentine’s Day gifts to brighten up your significant other’s day. 


I think that, just like any holiday, it has its positives and negatives. It is a holiday that is filled with expectations. The bar is set high because it is a day where everyone brags about having a valentine and receiving gifts. Though I sound like a Debby downer on Valentine’s Day, I still give all my loved ones Valentine’s Day cards. So what can I say, I got sucked into the trap of Valentine’s Day, too!