Are you pro or con video games?

“‘The games industry is now probably the biggest entertainment medium of our time,’ explains Sam Barratt, Chief of Youth, Education and Advocacy at UNEP and Alliance Co-Founder.”

Are you pro or con video games?

Jadalys Pichardo, Staff Writer

The subject on video games is always controversial. You have the people who play video games, and the people who hate them. Many people claim that video games destroy your brain and are a completely unnecessary way to spend your time. Gamers argue otherwise.


For gamers, video games are an odd way of expressing one’s self and dealing with the outside world. For example, certain video games can bring out new aspects of people, and they learn new things along the way. Things like muscle memory, articulation, fast responses, etc. Video games also give people a sense of relief and a way to escape reality. While it may seem non-beneficial, this is actually an extremely helpful tactic for younger people. However, you shouldn’t be a grown man doing nothing with your life but playing video games because you don’t want to deal with people. Though, someone extremely close to me can testify. For him, video games are a way of reconnecting with his childhood; it’s a way to just take a break from life complications and enjoy something he loves. People don’t understand what it’s like to live his life, so he does what makes him happy and relaxed: playing video games. 


While it may seem weird, video games do have a way of benefiting you. It’s probably ridiculous to you, but video games such as Minecraft, Halo, and Call of Duty can improve articulation and reflexes. You may think it’s an unnecessary skill to gain, but it’s actually quite useful. There are many different situations where we are required to use our fingers or muscles to type, catch something that’s falling, grab things, move objects around, etc. These things are everyday occurrences, even though we may not realize it.


Now, I’m not saying to play video games just because you think it’ll benefit you. Of course, these occurrences are towards certain people. Not everyone plays video games to express or escape, and not everyone will learn from them. Most people just play video games because it’s interesting and gives them something to do. On the contrary, video games do usually destroy your brain- pediatricians recommend no more than two hours per day- but there are specific people for whom a video game is just like music. It can be a way of expressing yourself, learning about yourself, or escaping your struggles, but it can also be an avoidance tactic and can negatively impact one’s thoughts.