Why do I love reading so much?

Reading is probably not something many people enjoy doing, whether it’s for a particular reason or just for fun. I, on the other hand, love reading. Just for fun, too.

Why do I love reading so much?

Jadalys Pichardo, Staff Writer

I began to love reading not that long ago. It was during the end of the year 2021, when I had just become a sophomore. Over the past few years, my grandmother had bought me a series of books called the Unwanteds. I had never heard of this series, nor have I ever read a book just for the fun of it, especially a seven-book series. Soon enough, I began carrying those books with me everywhere I went. I would read in restaurants, in class, at home, before bed, and even walking along the beach. Once I finished a book, it was on to the next one.

Shortly after, I became the girl who always had a book in my hand. Once I finished the series, I went on to discover a whole new world of books I didn’t even know existed. I discovered a passion for adventure, magic, and mystery. My current book, The Cruel Prince, has got to be one of the most outstanding and exceptionally mystical books I’ve read so far. I’m not even past page one hundred.

People would be surprised to know that I hated reading before. It was not my thing. It took too long to do, I couldn’t read that well, and I was never able to find a book that a genuinely enjoyed. Though, for some reason, I always gravitated towards books. Once I became a bookworm, all of my dislike for books faded away.

The reason I like reading so much is most likely because it’s an escape. I can escape from my reality just for a moment, and experience someone else’s life through my eyes. It opens my mind to wonders and possibilities, hope and anticipations.

In my case, I feel as if the whole world came crashing down on me. Books became my safe place, my shelter from the pain and anxiety I experience. Life isn’t easy and I know that, but I also know that books are a blessing to this world. They teach people new things, awaken new creativities, open chances, etc.

Where would the world be without books to teach it all?