A blackout in Tampa

Peter Drulias, Staff Writer

              For the first time in about ten years, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers had a game blacked out. For the first time in the history of Raymond James Stadium , the Buccaneers were not televised on air in a 75 mile radius. This is due to the lack of ticket sales, which also goes with the fact that the Buccaneers are the least popular or talked about team in the NFL next to the Saint Louis Rams. The football teams’ preseason games were also not televised. While all NFL fans were counting down till 9/12, which was the first Sunday for football, Buccaneer fans had nothing to look forward too because their season opener at Raymond James was a blackout as well.

              People have mixed feelings about the blackout. Fans are disappointed that the team has been a failure for a couple years now but also feel that the owners are being cheap and no longer trying to compete and get together a better team. Or you can be like  junior Nick Romary, who simply loves to watch the Bucs on television. He feels it is a “disappointment” that the team is going through this.

               The season opener was recorded to have around 60,000 people at the game when there was really only 41,000 , leaving around 20,000 seats empty. don’t expect the attendance to change anytime soon either. People believe that every game will be a blackout and the only chance for a sellout is when the Saints or the Steelers come to town. Having a whole season under these conditions can really hurt the team financially and they will rapidly lose money, making it less likely to make big changes in the organization. This also affects the fans as well. They are not able to view them on television so they are forced to listen to them through the radio if they are even that interested. Having the Bucs win their first game against Cleveland and now their second against the Panthers might show some light for the team and fans. People are seeing that they can compete with other teams and might draw more people to the home games. Hopefully the fans will notice this and rally together and fix this problem making it a lot easier for the fans at home to watch their favorite team on television